Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bird Flu Stock Scams!?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall --- who are the quickest acting entrepreneurs of all?

It takes time to build a business with a solid value proposition, but it doesn't take much more than a website to develop a fraud. Well, I suppose it also takes a certain willingness to "do the time if you do the crime," though the history of white collar crime suggests that the time need not be lengthy.

The possibility of an H5N1 pandemic is now calmly ignored by the great majority of citizens, but it fires the imagination of some people --- and not all of these are healthcare professionals. There are also scam artists who pick up on pandemic planning as a pointer to the "new new thing."

The NASDAQ is monitoring the situation, and they have issued an informative Bird Flu Stock Scam Alert. Like many consumer alerts, this one preaches to the choir. The suspicious folks who regularly read scam alerts are not exactly the scammers prime targets. Still, there may be the rare bird or two who will be saved just in the nick of time.

Market professionals, investment educators, and even individual investors may want to sign up for one or more of the NASDAQ regular newsletters.


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